Terry Fitzgerald

Reading the article in the Daily Telegraph 24/10/12, I thought that the following might serve to illustrate the power of sport in cases of dementia.

In the late eighties, visiting my dear Mum in a Surrey care home, I recognised one of the very few male residents - one of the great footballers.

He was captain of his club and of country, twice crowned footballer of the year, he went on to be a manager and later a respected journalist .

Staff at the home appeared to have no idea of his past glories and I took in photos of him in his heyday to show them the REAL person.

I made a point on each visit to Mum of talking to the gentleman for a few minutes, but never with any response forthcoming.

That was until one Saturday lunchtime.

The T.V. was on in the lounge, showing a preview of the day's matches.

A shot of Wembley Stadium appeared- I pointed at it and said "Wembley... was that the best ground you ever played at?"

Immediately came the reply "No-Old Trafford was the best" - and that was all he ever said to me.

I was astounded and somewhat emotional.

The Care staff were equally amazed when told.

Shortly after, he was moved to a Home considered more suitable
for his needs......I missed him

Terry Fitzgerald



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