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Leeds United Kevin Nugent

I remember going to Elland road and seeing Leeds beat Man u 5-1 in 1972.

I'd got a mate to start my paper round for me as I knew that I'd be late back.

We completely hammered them, Best, Charlton ? they couldn't get the ball .

The crowd shouted 'Ole 'Ole as Leeds played with the frustrated Reds.

Bremner was like a torreador, cruely playing with a clumsy bull .

Giles and Gray tormented them with their fantastic passing and dribbling.

The brave Mick Jones killed them off and it was a great time to be a Leeds supporter.

The Man Utd fans were stunned as we sang our hearts out and marvelled at our great team.

Revie's machine showed no mercy in those days, we could outplay and out fight anyone.

Little did we know that 2 weeks later we would do the same to Southampton and beat them 7-0.

For me though, beating our Lancashire rivals always sticks out to me, and the way we did it.

I reckon I was about 14 , I was with my dad in the Lowfields, great memories, great team.

I was really glad my mate did the paper round for me.

Think I still owe him !

Kevin Nugent

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