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1972 FA Cup Final - Leeds United v Arsenal

Just short of my 15th Birthday and at last my beloved Leeds Utd had another chance to win the FA Cup.

Having suffered defeat in 1965 and endured the agony of losing a final we should have won in 1970, here was our BIG opportunity.

I can still recite the team without any hesitation - Harvey, Reaney, Madeley, Bremner, Charlton, Hunter, Lorimer, Clarke, Jones, Giles, Gray, Sub Bates.

Tickets in hand we set off to drive to London, my father and two neighbours who were avid Leeds fans. As we travelled down in the car all the talk was about what would happen, our predictions and who would score the goals. We were in no doubt as to who the winners would be, in our minds Leeds Utd simply could not lose.

Outside the ground we mingled with the crowds and I marvelled at the sea of colour, white, blue, yellow everywhere.

Inside the stadium I stood behind the tunnel end goal, just to the left. The PERFECT place as it turned out.

The game was a tough, tense affair with chances at both ends and a
0-0 scoreline at half time.
The second half saw Leeds, driven on by Giles & Bremner grab control and in the 53rd minute, great joy.

Leeds Utd break from midfield, Madeley on the charge, ball out right to Lorimer who passes it out to Mick Jones. Jones takes on the Arsenal left back McNab, pushes the ball past him crosses and there is Alan "Sniffer" Clarke stooping down to head powerfully past the Arsenal keeper Barnett.

From where I am stood I have the perfect view and follow the ball from Clarke's head into the corner of the net GOAL! GOAL!

The crowd erupts and the noise is deafening but all around me are smiling.

The rest of the game is a blur as we all pray for the final whistle, hearts in our mouth as Charlie George has an effort that hits the Leeds crossbar.

Finally the referee blows his whistle and Leeds Utd have won the FA Cup.

My eyes are glazed as Billy Bremner lifts the trophy above his head and we all celebrate a perfect day.

Bob Procter

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Leeds United FA Cup Winners 1972Leeds United FA Cup Winners 1972