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One that stands out as a top memory is the 1992 Charity shield, Leeds V Liverpool.

Growing up as a Leeds fan, with a Dad who saw all the great stuff of the Revie era, it was special to finally see my team at Wembley, my first ever visit to the famous twin towers.

Leaving York at 5 am for a drive down with 3 mates was exciting.

The colour, the noise, the atmosphere was incredible inside the stadium. It looked huge!

I paid £4.20 for a hot dog (about £10 in today's money) and dropped it after one bite, gutted!

The match was open and end to end.

Cantona, still at Leeds, scored 3. The last of which after a through ball hit corner flag right in front of me. The defence stopped, but Strachan, one of the best Leeds players ever, was aware and chased, picking ball up as it stopped in play, crossing and Cantona tapped in on 87 mins to put Leeds 4-2 up. Game over we thought. Big celebrations, then cut short as two mins later the same Scottish genius attempted to block a shot on his own goal line and managed to shuffle the ball into the net for an og in 89th.

Leeds won 4-3.
Being at wembley watching Leeds beat the mighty Liverpool, lift a trophy, after a fabulous match was truly memorable.

Steve Gaughan

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