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The 90’s. An era of exponential change throughout the United Kingdom. A new era in music had developed, with the likes of Oasis, The Spice Girls and Robbie Williams owning the charts, and a young Tony Blair leading the country under his ‘New Labour’ government. The United Kingdom was a changing face and everything from pop culture to politics was feeling the force of the development of modern Britain.

200 miles North West of Number 10 was Manchester, witnessing for itself the evolution of British culture. Eric Harrison, the man behind the now infamous class of ’92 had at his disposal a team of the countries most promising young talents. Introduced to Ferguson were some of the games most iconic and gifted footballers; Ryan Giggs, David Beckham, Nicky Butt, Paul Scholes, Phil and Gary Neville. To whom became known as, the Class of ’92.

Last night, I went along to see the new film, directed by Ben and Gabe Turner which documented the infamous Class of ’92 from their humble beginnings to global stardom. The film captured perfectly the elements behind what made this team so fantastic. What truly fascinated me about the film was the togetherness that was so obvious between the six, each of them completely honest and complimentary of each others talents and not boasting of their own abilities.

Without spoiling the plot for those of you who are yet to see the film (I definitely recommend it, regardless of loyalties), the togetherness and loyalty these six men possess just allows for us to see how they achieved their success. Each of them were equally level headed throughout, despite being world stars, as 20 year old men, they never allowed their success or fame get to them, but when they did, their time at the club came to an end, a managerial skill that has seen Manchester United become a driving force in world football. These players were also special in the sense that they knew what it meant to play for Manchester United, they were never names on the red shirt, they were ambassadors to their boyhood dreams, and each of them wouldn’t want to see themselves at another club; simply because to them, Manchester United was a part of them. Nicky Butt even placing that winning goal in Barcelona in 1999 above his marriage and birth of his children. Bold.

The Class of ’92 symbolized an aspect greater than a golden generation. They symbolized a resilience and resurgence started by Sir Matt Busby following the Munich Air Disaster in 1958. The six stood as the final piece in the puzzle Busby recreated. A symbol of the fight in the name of a lost generation of footballers. This symbolized the club standing for more than the game, more a spiritual existence and an essence of immortality.

Success cannot be calculated over the course of a season, success is something that is earned over the course of a lifetime. When the hunger for winning is as strong the day you retire as it was the day you signed a contract, then you can truly say you’ve succeeded. The Class of 92, the story of 6 regular boys who became eternal.

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