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Manchester United Sue Crook


Which team do you support and why?

Manchester United. There are two things you were born into in our family, being a Catholic and a United fan!

Your first match?

Away at Coventry - I had just met my now husband from Harbury in Warwickshire and he had supported Coventry since he was six when he first went to see them play. Of course the Reds beat the Sky Blues and I had to keep quiet in the home end!

Favourite Player?

Paul Scholes- tenacious, quiet and northern! No fuss, no razz-matazz, only on the pitch!

Favourite Match?

The European Final in Moscow, 2008 that went to penalties. I watched it stood at the door of the living room much to the amusement of my husband!

Sue Crook

This memory was shared at the National Football Museum on the 21st September 2014 to mark World Alzheimer's Day




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