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Sheffield Wednesday Richard "Dick" McCourt

How did you become an Owls fan?

We lived on that side of Sheffield, my dad was originally born near Brammal Lane so he was a Blades fan, but because we lived on the Owls' side of Sheffield and the rest of the family were living near Hillsborough so it was kind of natural that me and my brother became Owls fans. There was a bit of rivalry in the household because of that.

Do you remember the first match you went to?

I’m pretty sure it was with my dad and my brother and it was a Blades vs Owls game, I think it was at Hillsborough, well it must have been at Hillsborough because I don’t think I would have gone to Brammal Lane!

I’m pretty sure that the Owls won but I remember it was my first experience of a football game. It was when both teams were in division 1 at the time, they were the big teams in that league. Being at Hillsborough the atmosphere was just electric and I just remember being blown away by it and I’ve been into football ever since.

Who have been your favourite Owls players over the years?

Carlton Palmer, he was always good. I remember we used to have the Panini books, you know the sticker books and he always sticks out in my memory. I think it was his long legs, he always seemed to score.

Richard McCourt

Richard is best known for co-presenting, with Dominic Wood as Dick and Dom in da Bungalow. The show was famous for its zany games!

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