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The 1993 semi-final derby saw some real characters playing for Sheffield United like Brian Gayle. It was a remarkable team assembled on the cheap by Dave Bassett. Dave was a huge character. A guy small in stature but he had so much energy and was such a likeable guy. One of the most genuine blokes you could ever wish to meet. I can’t speak too highly enough of him. We had our disagreements, but there was never a grudge or falling out, he was very easy to get on with. I’ve kept in touch with him over the years and he has proven to be a fantastic contact on a professional basis.

On more than one occasion I was banned from Bramall Lane by the board at the time Dave was managing the club and on this occasion he was due to hold his pre-match conference inside the ground. It was a sunny day and he came out into the car park and saw me standing there. He came across and said “I believe you are barred from the ground” I replied that was indeed apparently the case, so he piped up “In that case son, let’s hold the press conference out here in the car park then!”

Outstanding talent

The players that really caught my imagination have always been the flair players. I’ve mentioned Terry Curran of Wednesday, who scored one of the greatest goals I’ve ever seen in the derby at Bramall Lane. There was just no way he should have scored from that angle, you can watch it on You Tube, it was an amazing goal.

Around the time I was coming into journalism another great player of the time was Tony Currie who was just a magician. He had everything, the ability, the charisma, the long blonde hair, his shirt outside his shorts. He could hit a pin point thirty yard pass and had a great shot on him too. One game I went to watch before I started work was in 1973 or 4, Sheffield United beat West Ham 3-2 with Currie scoring a quality goal in a quality match. He passed the ball into the back of the net. The PA at the lane summed up the whole mood at the end of the match when he played ‘You can do magic’ by Limmie & Family Cookin’. I remember it playing as we walked out and that song really sticks in my mind.

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Not enough memories of DB and what about the talent he brought to the Lane ie Glen you can do magic Hodges, Brian Deane and Tony Agana to name only 3!

– Dawn, April 27 2014 at 14:59

Glynn* predictive text interferring obviously

– Dawn, April 27 2014 at 15:03

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