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Leeds United Tufan Alatan


A little bit strange for a Turkish supporter to talk about Leeds United but there are two very distinct memory still in my mind.

One is a poster , my idol Cruyff on his knees with the ball and Bremner and another Leeds player standing by the ball on a tackle and at the bottom writes 'The Night That Leeds brought Cruyff on his knees ' !!

The second , the same season , Final at Paris against , my disliked team Bayern Munchen ! With their superior play lovely players and all white uniform they were really impressive and exciting ! Remember the disallowed goal , German's killer instinct their goal the clash on the terraces and finally near to end the commentator saying two Leeds defenders arguing (or punching) each other on the other side of the field where the ball is on the other side and we do not folllow the discussion ... A pity night for soccer

Tufan Alatan

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