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As a young lad of 9 or 10 my dad and I used to go to Elland Rd to watch Leeds. In the Bremner,Clarke & Hunter years. We would watch them on the training ground first, in their track suits with their names on the back. Then into the ground we took a step for me to stand on but as the years passed on the terrace in the end my dad who suffered from dementia in later years was the one standing on the step. We saw some excellent games and the top players of the glory years.

A squad of 11 Internationals gracing the field year after year. Plus I had to have a Norman Hunter No.6 shirt for playing at school and the tags with a 6 on for my socks as well. As I end my memory of those days I will imagine standing on the halfway line turning and waving to the crowd as they did.


Thanks for reading my memory.

Peter Cross

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