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Probably the most memorable game I played for the Mariners was against Everton in the fourth round of the League Cup at Blundell Park in 1979. A crowd of 22,000 turned out to see us take on the likes of Bob Latchford and Brian Kidd. We went 1-0 down to a Brian Kidd goal but then we got back on level terms when the ball came into the box and I brought it down before hitting it with my left foot and it flew into the top of the net.

The whole place erupted and somehow you got the feeling we weren't going to get beaten that night. Lo and behold not long after I got a second, from a slight deflection from the full back, I just managed to take the ball from under the keeper's fingers and put the ball in the back of the net to put us in front.

The crowd was absolutely phenomenal that night, it was the best atmosphere I played in at Blundell Park, you could have cut the atmosphere with a knife, an amazing night and victory for the Mariners.

Mike Brolly

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