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Grimsby Town Lawrie McMenemy

The first memory I have of my time at Grimsby, is from the first morning I arrived at Blundell Park to do a team talk with the squad I’d inherited. We could have held it in a phone box, but we went into one of the dressing rooms – myself and the 12 players in the squad!!! I was however told that I could add two more players – providing they were free transfers!!!

When I walked into the dressing room, I thought a sea fret had drifted off the beach, and then it cleared slowly – to reveal Matt Tees sat in the far corner, extinguishing his pipe!!

The same pipe then cut one of my half-time team-talks short, later in the season – as we returned to the dressing room, we found Matts jacket glowing in the corner, about to ignite, because he’d put his pipe back in his pocket to go out to play the first half – but not put it out properly!! So, instead of discussing how to beat the opposition, we were busy beating his jacket!!

Lawrie McMenemy

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