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I was brought up as a Wolves fan, my grand father almost played for the club in their heyday and the whole family support the club, it’s most definitely in our blood. I didn’t go to that many games growing up but started attending more games at Molineaux as I grew older. My Dad and my Brother have been lifelong supporters.

Whilst I don’t get to go and see them play as much as I’d like I still look for the results and follow the game even when I’m working .If I can’t get to watch it on TV or listen in to the radio commentary I’ll still seek out updates and give a cheer when we score. Thankfully I’ve been able to cheer a bit more this season than the last one.

We are going to climb back up again; the club is the beating heart of Wolverhampton. It means so much to the people of the city, when the club is down the people are too. It is important that the club is turned around and booms again. There are probably still changes that need to be made to make that happen in the long-term. But they’ve started the new season pretty well so my fingers are crossed.

Suzi Perry


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