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Apart from the overriding memory of him being such a classy player, a brilliant defender, I have two memories of Martin Buchan that in particular stand out.

Firstly was after the defeat in the Cup Final in 1976 my best pal Jon (sadly no longer with us) and myself managed to jib ourselves into the team hotel (the Russell) after the game and we spent a couple of hours singing in the bar with them alongside Gerry Daly, Brian Greenhoff, Lou Macari and it was Martin Buchan playing the guitar and leading the singing.

The second time that we met Martin Buchan was at the Dell (Southampton) and Jon (again) and I didn't have tickets (as was normal in those days) and we were wandering around the ground looking for touts. We were in the area where the teams go in and United had just arrived and as captain it was one of Martin Buchans duties to give out the teams tickets to guests and we saw him come out of the players entrance. As he came out I saw him and yelled across the car park (not very subtly I now realise) "Martin have you got two of anything"?. He looked up and immediately replied "aye I've got two big hairy b*****ks"!! Whilst not being the reply we had hoped for we both fell about laughing and luckily managed to get two tickets a little later and we drew 1-1 so all good.

Paul Ross


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