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The day started well, we were all happy and excited for our trip to Barcelona @ the Nou Camp . The hotel was booked for a two night trip. The flights were all booked we were waiting for our flight to Amsterdam from Newcastle then from Amsterdam to Barcelona , with our return flights booked for the morning after match night.

We were in the departure lounge having a few drinks when we noticed a flight arriving from Amsterdam but something didn't look right. The plane was leaning over to one side and sure enough we heard over the PA that our flight to Amsterdam that night was cancelled due to a burst tyre. We quickly went to the check in flight to weigh up our options . After a lot of panic and sweating quite a bit we managed to secure a flight to Brussels with a connecting flight onto Barcelona . The problem was there would b only 45 minutes between landing in Brussels to taking off to Barcelona The flight to Brussels was called and me and one of the lads started to board , no sign of the other two . We both got relaxed in our seats and just laughed at the thought of were the other two were . After what seemed an age two people boarded the plane looking rather stressed. We found out from them that they were walking all around the taxi area looking for our plane and it wasn't until the engines started that they realised it was their plane. We landed safely in Brussels and had a mad 15 min dash to find the boarding lounge for our flight to Amsterdam . We eventually arrived in Barcelona only 4 hours behind schedule and after an expensive taxi ride from the Airport to Barcelona centre . We just booked into our hotel, through our bags in our rooms and off out onto the Las Ramblas for some refreshment . The atmosphere was electric .

Day 2 match day . On the morning we had a good explore around Barcelona. The Las Ramblas . The harbour etc . It is an amazing place the street entertainers the locals fantastic .

In the mid afternoon we took a late lunch at tha Hard Rock Cafe, again the atmosphere was electric the Toon Army in full voice and in jovial mood . Back to the hotel for a quick shower and change of clothes .

We decided to take the metro to the neu camp, once outside there started an incredible thunder storm, we got absolutely drenched on our walk from our hotel to the station, on the train again spirits were high and good natured. We arrived at our destination and started to walk towards the stadium again another drenching our clothes were literally ringing wet . Because there was two or three hours to go before kick off two of us decided to stop off in a cafe/ bar , but the other two decided to go straight to the stadium . The atmosphere in the bar was terrific, mainly Barcelona fans who were very friendly buying us drinks and wanting to know all about the toon army they were amazed at how many fans had travelled to Barcelona . It soon became obvious that the match wouldn't start as large pools appeared on the pitch which we could see from the tv's . Sure enough the news came that the match was abandoned . We decided to head back to Barcelona dejectedly . After a quick mop up we went out on the Las Ramblas for some food n drinks . News started circulating that the match would be played the following evening . We decided to have an early night to see if we could reschedule our flights in the morning . The hotel had no probl with us staying on an extra night . Oh I forgot my mobile phone packed in because of the electric storm so I couldn't contact home and we were to busy next morning to find a public phone . We got a taxi to Barcelona airport and the only flights we could manage to get were to stanstead and then onto Newcastle for the day after the match, which we booked . I forgot to mention that we didn't pack many clothes with us as it was only a two night stay originally . So we hung our clothes on the radiator overnight . The next morning we turned our underpants inside out, just to have that fresh feel. That afternoon was much more relaxing and chilled after a bit of clothes shopping t shirt socks underpants etc .

The match went ahead we got beat . We got home safely . A match that will never ever be forgotten

John Wilson



Newcastle United Foundation have a heritage project for fans of all ages called Toon Times.

Toon Times will culminate with a major Newcastle United exhibition at the Discovery Museum, Newcastle, although in the lead up to this event Toon Times wishes to reach out to all Newcastle United fans across the North East and further afield to get involved and share their memories, experiences, photos and memorabilia what people have collected over the years.

We are supporting the project by helping to collect NUFC memories online - fans can share their memories on the Replay Football website, simply select the Toon Times tag when submitting yours.

For more info contact the Toon Times Heritage Project Coordinator, Newcastle United Foundation,



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