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One of my most vivid memories since working for Liverpool is the 2007 Champions league final against AC Milan in Athens.

Having only joined the club in 2006 I wasn't around to experience Istanbul but there were a number of moments in the build up to the game which made me realise how lucky I was to play a small part in such a huge occasion. The day itself involved a lot of waiting around in the hotel; with a late kick off much of the day was spent watching English news channels chart the build up to the game; I really had to pinch myself that I was going to be involved in one of the biggest games in club football.

The preparation in the stadium was much the same as any other game; specific strappings, stretches and massage along with key words and discussions between senior players and the coaching staff. One of my strongest memories is when I first came out of the tunnel to watch the warm-up; the Liverpool fans were situated to the left of the stadium as you exited the tunnel and that end of the Olympic stadium looked absolutely packed!

We then returned to the changing rooms for the players to change into kit before gathering in the tunnel to await the players entrance onto the pitch. At that moment I truly realised the size of the occasion. Liverpool lined up on the left, Milan on the right with the Champions league trophy in the middle. The music from outside sounding like a continuous drum beat and at that moment it felt like two teams of gladiators waiting to enter the arena. I could see the backs of some of the most famous names in football as they waited to enter one of the biggest games of their careers led by Gerrard and Maldini; players such as Alonso,Pirlo,Inzaghi and Carragher.

I don't remember much of the game but the playing of the Milan anthem at the end and the red and black coloured ticker tape which covered the pitch as we left tells you which team came out on top in 2007.

Chris Morgan


Chris is the First Team Physio at Liverpool FC.

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