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The First Fifteen

Currently sitting in my room. 13 minutes in at Old Trafford. I am fortunate to have witnessed such a fine display, a sensational double pass from Wayne Rooney. Many doubted he was even good enough, many thought he would be better off in France. To then see the movement of Van Persie, many claiming would go off the boil, to take the game forward. A magnificent, almost indescribable run of play, saw Manchester United take a 2-0 goal lead. The volley, such practice to achieve such confidence and ability. The domination that we have, the control on Aston Villa. A constant press, pushing upon Villa's midfield.

Number Twenty. The Player. The Titles. The Run To Half Time

A calmer approach, 5 attempts on goal. 2 goals. Rafael hit the woodwork. Clinical. Any Manchester United fans, or in general football fans, will have noticed a new approach. In the past five games we have struggled, more of the last push, than a dominant one. I am fully impressed with the performance. A strong midfield, the heart of it beating in Wayne Rooney. The next ten minutes and the game has settled, little going forward or backwards. Rooney still pressing, searching for the dead touch of Kagawa, who is finding some nice spaces.

A few breaks for Aston Villa, who are exploiting their pace going forward. More of a lack of the final pass, though Benteke should of done better with his first chance. Manchester United are losing the ball a fair bit in the middle.

Change of pace. Kagawa, finding space. Long through ball to the inside left to Ryan Giggs, who finds himself in yards of pace. Pulling inside of the right back, cutting to Van Persie, who is open in all respects, finding his feet and thrashing it home for a hat trick inside the first 33 minutes.

Once again, a control of play. A simple destruction of a weak opposition. A glorious first half for the champions elect. One thing to be noted is also Kagawa's contribution of this match. A constant outlet to bring the ball past the halfway line, and give that vital pass to Van Persie, or the notably nippy 39 year old Giggs. This game is already beyond Villa who must now start thinking about their goals against column.A few searching attacks, but with Benteke firing wild on many occasions, there seems little threat for the some what untroubled keeper De Gea. The players walk into the changing rooms with a standing ovation and a wry smile on Sir Alex Ferguson.

Going in at half time with a dominating show. The Second Half Showdown

There was little pressure in the first few minutes, as Villa showed little hunger from the whistle to grasp at anything to even maintain an ounce of respect. Manchester United kept the ball well in the middle of the park, with Villa forced to play wide. High pressure and constant resilience from the United defense gave them little to play for, noticeably Phil Jones having a relatively easy but very assertive and sure game. The only chance coming from a spill from De Gea, who seemed to miss time the curve of the ball, yet seconds later was all forgotten with a fine save, and tremendous defensive duties from Van Persie to head the ball of the line.

Rooney played deep, bringing the ball forward from the defensive, picking it up early and looking for the long pass to Valencia, which he had been doing all night. This gave Van Persie a lot more time to move around in the centre of the field. The only real threats coming from the eager Kagawa, who joined Rooney in wanting to search for another goal, whilst most of the team seemed content with a solid 3-0 win. For once, the passing was consistent, and everybody looked confident in their roles.

Paul Lambert looks on dumbstruck as Manchester United run down any stamina and hope Villa have going forward, happily settling for possession. The bite was taken out of the game, the only change coming in the 71st minute with Danny Welbeck coming on for Wayne Rooney. For the last twenty, Villa pushed feeling they had nothing to lose, but found no way through the United defense. Kagawa could of struck late, only to hit over the bar.

Deafening noise inside Old Trafford, as the final whistle blows. A simply destructive match. Sir Alex Ferguson joined in the party as United celebrated in front of the Stretford End. Congratulations Manchester United.

United rightfully celebrate their 20th League Title

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