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My first falling in love with football would have been at Solitude, Cliftonville F.C.'s ground in North Belfast. Nothing to do with the football on show, more the fact that grown men were swearing vociferously right beside an eight year old me! Brilliant!

I'd already been slightly indoctrinated by my uncle who was a huge Celtic and Liverpool fan. I remember watching the 1965 Cup final on telly knowing my uncle was in the crowd. For a seven year old, that made me a fan as well.

However, it was only on moving to Newcastle in 1987 that I truly found the love of my life. I've had so much joy and heartbreak out of watching the Mags it's difficult to pick out one highlight. Being behind the goal at Roker Park when Liam O'Brien scored that beaut? The night we beat Barcelona? I think my favourite though has to be beating Manchester United 5-0. The wife was away for the weekend. We battered Man. U and later on, just as someone announced in the pub that they were showing the whole game again...I found a Tenner on the floor! Beat that!!

Jake Burns

Jake is a singer and guitarist and founder member of Stiff Little Fingers who released their debut single Suspect Device in 1978 and their debut album Inflammable Material released the following year on Rough Trade was the first on an Independent label to enter the UK top 20 album charts. Stiff Little Fingers have released nine studio albums and several compilation and live albums and are still touring and currently working on their first album since 2003.

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