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The champions League has always been a thrilling and enthralling part of football, not only to the european countries but around the globe. However in 2005, something happened that caught the attention of the world. In this edition of the annual champions league, two great teams were involved in the finals. They were Liverpool and AC Milan. As expected, the game kicked off in Istanbul and it full of life and power. Unexpectedly, before half time was over, Liverpool had fallen back by 3 awesome and well created goals from AC Milan. This was the end of another champions league glory as so it appeared. The Liverpool fans were downcast, let down and full of sorry. And so were the Liverpool players as well. Nevertheless, there was still the second half to play for. To Liverpool, it was just another 45 minutes to play for pride and save their heads. The second half kicked off with a more inspired Liverpool side. They had to fight what looked like a defeated battle. In a moment or two, Liverpool scored a goal. It was a goal to consolidate the poor Liverpool fans in the Istanbul cold. In a twinkle of an eye, Liverpool had netted another goal to the delight of the Liverpool fans and dismay of the Milan side. At this point you could sense urgency and emergency in the game. The game became tensed, heated and stirred. The next event was shocking, at least to the Milan fans. Liverpool had been awarded a penalty. This was an opportunity to square the game and possibly push for extra time. Xabi Alonso went forth to take the penalty. He struck the penalty.... GOAL!! Hang on, he missed, but he went for a rebound, and the ball was in the back of the net. 3-3. AC Milan was dazed. This was a nightmare at Istanbul. The game went on to extra time and still no other goal came. Penalty kick was to determine the european champion. Liverpool went on to defeat AC Milan on penalties through an inspired effort from their goal keeper.

This Istanbul drama would never be forgotten in the memory lane of time.



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