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To pre-launch a video 'Wembley The Venue of Legends' by Lace International, London Live (formerly GLR) were offering two places in a promotional game in a competition. A chap called Kevin and I were the lucky winners!

In the dressing room before the game I approached team captain Anthony Shaw and asked who was to take a penalty, should one be awarded. He replied that it was doubtful one would be in such a short and friendly game. I suggested that in the unlikely event one was awarded I would like to put myself forward.

Half time score 3 - 0. It has to be said, largely due to the combination of goalkeeping errors by the significantly oldest player on the pitch with footwear (for all players) restricted to trainers, no gloves and rain increasing the slippery Wembley turf - Is that enough excuses everybody?
 Our team continued to have most of the possession but breakaway attacks were continually converted against our inexperienced goalie.

The score was at five - nil with two minutes remaining when I'll be blowed, a penalty was awarded. At the time I was returning to the half way line expecting a goal kick. I stopped when when I thought it was to be a free kick outside the box then as I approached I realised nobody wanted to take the penalty and now everyone was expecting me to take the penalty! No one questioned the decision as the pressure was very real. What alot of people don't know is
 1) I have never missed a penalty in competition
 and 2) I practice occasionally whenever I get the opportunity.

Afterwards as we were pretending to get our pretend runners-up medals in the Royal Box, I was given the ball that I had thumped into the roof of the Wembley goal (same end as Euro'96 penalties were taken against Germany), by the captain & video producer Anthony Shaw - Which was nice.

Spizz Energi

Spizz formed in 1977 and have gone through several name changes. In 1978 as Spizzoil they released their first two singles on the Rough Trade label before changing their name to Spizzenergi for the 1979 release of Soldier,Soldier. In 1980 Spizzenergi were the first Number One in the newly formed Indie chart with Where's Captain Kirk which over 20 years later was included in Mojo magazines list of the best Punk singles of all time. The debut album Do A Runner was released on A&M in 1980 under the name Athletico Spizz 80.

In 1996 Spizz Energi recorded the sublime The Sun Never Sets On Aston Villa.

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Spizz Energi performing live at the Brudenell, Leeds on 9/2/13



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SPIZZENERGI at Wembley 13 Years ago April 11th 2000SPIZZENERGI at Wembley 13 Years ago April 11th 2000