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I remember as a kid going to QPR with my late father. Saturday afternoon at Loftus Road just felt like my second home. All the characters at the ground made Loftus Road a special place to watch football. Over the years I have seen my team in Division 3, 2, 1, The Championship and The Premiership. We have always had characters as managers like Tommy Docherty, Ian Holloway, Neil Warnock, Alex Stock. I remember one terrible game and we were losing at half time. as the players walked off, I shouted from my seat above the tunnel....'sort your self out' to our goal keeper Lee Harper. He heard this and shouted back to me telling me to go forth and multiply or words to that effect.

One day I was thinking who to put a bet on to score. I said to my mate ' what about Luke Cornwall ? ' this guy next to me, said 'he's not playing mate'...I said ' ok, thanks'....'what about Jermaine Darlington'...he said ' he's not playing either'..I said ' How do you know?' He said ' I am Luke Cornwall and this is Jermaine Darlington'........

Jeff Stevenson

Jeff is a stand up comedian

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