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I’m from Surrey so I have to support Manchester United……

All joking aside – Man Utd were the first team I ever remember watching on TV and listening to on the radio. My household was not a football home – nobody else in the family cares about football so I was ploughing a lonely furrow as the house’s only fan, so every chance I had to watch them on TV I took.

The first Man Utd game was at West Ham in around 1995 with a friend from home. I’d blagged the tickets from someone at work and drove to Upton Park to watch Cantona, Giggs, Hughes and Schmeichel draw 1-1

So many heroes through the years! Cantona for the arrogance and showmanship. Keane for the leadership and strength. Ronaldo when he made his debut and overstepped his way into the fans’ hearts. Giggs for the FA cup goal against Arsenal and for just being Giggs. Beckham, Butt, Scholes and the Nevilles for winning with kids. Van Persie because we now have him for the rest of his career and he’ll keep getting better and better. Pallister and Bruce for making the template all Utd defenders need to match. But the one I missed was Best – watching videos of him is incredible – the pace and trickery of Ronaldo, the showmanship of Cantona and the goal scoring rate of Van Nistelrooy, all wrapped up in a frame that was lighter than Ryan Giggs sported on his debut

But the game that stands out the most?

Camp Nou, Barcelona, 1999. Man Utd 2 Bayern Munich 1. hahaha!

Tom Webb

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