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It would be my first or second year as a pro, Harry Catterick was doubtful for the game at Fulham, if he wasn't fit, I'd play in his place. When we got down there, he was declared fit to play.

In the dressing room, I nipped to the loo and in the corridor and there was the trainer with our keeper, Ted Sagar. He handed Sagar a bottle of whiskey, which he immediately downed. I thought to myself, well that's that then, we've no chance, our keepers been drinking but not only did we beat them, we won 4-1!


Tony McNamara


Everton v Stoke City Memories Game on 30th March 2013 is raising awareness of dementia

The Alzheimer's Society recently launched a national initiative called Dementia Friends which is giving people an understanding of dementia and the small things people can do that make a difference to people living with dementia. Alzheimer's Society want to create a network of a million Dementia Friends across England by 2015 - for more information visit dementiafriends.org.uk


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