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Liverpool were getting beat 6-1 by Arsenal in the Carling Cup a few years back, it finished 8-2.

At half time I went to get a bev with me brother and I remember our song (It's The Little Things We Do) came on and some fella in the queue said to me 'that must be a great feeling that mate, ya song being on in Anfield', but his face was all screwed up and then I noticed that all the faces in the queue were all screwed up and angry. I felt like dead intimidated with all the bitterness aorund me so I just ran off and calmed down and hid until the second half because I didnt know what to say.

We were shit that night and no comment from me was gonna change it? Paranoia maybe I dunno,funny thinking about it now. Essay over, thanks!

Dave McCabe


Dave is a musician and songwriter and a member of The Zutons


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