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Well, there are SOOOOOO many memories of my 37 years (and counting) supporting the best team in the world....many triumphs and disasters but one that really sticks out for so many reasons is the 1984 Milk Cup final at Wembley, when we played the other lot from across the park.
The match ended 0-0, but at the final whistle, the whole crowd, and I mean EVERYONE, all 100,000 scousers sang out loud. Not that daft song the reds sing, or any of our glorious tunes, but MERSEYSIDE MERSEYSIDE MERSEYSIDE.
Incredible....tears flowed from many an eye and colours didn't matter for a few minutes at least.


Damon is a musician, producer and bass tutor. He was a member of Ocean Colour Scene and Paul Weller's band and has played with many artists including The Who, Paul McCartney, Amy Winehouse, Dr John and Jimmy Page.

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Everton v Stoke City Memories Game on 30th March 2013 is raising awareness of dementia

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