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As is often the case one of my favourite footballing moments is riddled with anxiety, terror, pain…and eventually DEEP JOY!

I’m going back now to the 2nd division (old money) play-off finals, May 2009 to be exact. City had been playing at the lowest level in its history but we gradually clawed our way up to the upper echelons of the league in question and ended up playing Gillingham in a match that could hopefully save the club from a serious downward spiral. 86 minutes in and we were 0-2 down. 89 minutes we were 1-2 down. Us Blues were in deep despair. Noel Gallagher famously left the stadium (with Goldie and Keith Allen if I remember rightly) with injury time left to play. We don’t know quite where Ref Mark Halsey got the extra 5 minutes of time from but we’re deeply grateful to him for doing so. Step up fiery Scot Paul Dickov to score a last gasp equaliser and force an extra 30 minutes of battle. An excruciating 30 minutes that saw neither team score but did see the return of Noel . Bring on the penalties.

To cut a long story short –we won.

It was the most hellish sporting experience I’d ever been through ( that is until last seasons last match /last minute Title winning goal from Aguero). My wife only came along to be my mate coz my dad couldn’t make it at the last minute. She wasn’t remotely interested in football at the beginning of the match…after the end of the penalty shoot-out she looked like she’d run a marathon…exhausted. “Get me a season ticket” she said. And that was that.

From thereonin I’ve been able to enjoy guilt free football (home and away) coz the missus is now a mad City supporter too. RESULT.

The coach trip home was ridiculous. No-one was celebrating…it was deadly quiet. I think we were all in shock...and severely knackered. We’d not won anything for so long I think we’d forgotten how to celebrate. They played an Abba video over and over again. By the time we got home (on the other side-of midnight) I was fit for nothing… other than 14 hours in bed.


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