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For all the experiences I've had covering football in the press box, it's a memory as a fan that tops my chart.

As a supporter of Chesterfield, I followed their incredible run to the FA Cup semi-finals in 1997. But it wasn't the Old Trafford semi itself - a 3-3 draw with Middlesbrough - that is closest to my heart. Besides, it was nearly broken that day - my heart, that is. So close... and then beaten in the replay at Hillsborough. No, I think of the quarter final against Wrexham at ramshackle Saltergate. Somehow the background heightened the achievement. I can still see the only goal of the game...Chris Beaumont running clear through the middle and lifting the ball ever so gently over the Wrexham keeper. The wait for the ball to come down...will it drop the right side of the crossbar? It did. Euphoria for the goal and at the final whistle. Then a real tear or two at the realisation that my little team had reached a semi-final. Amazing stuff.


Alan is a football writer and broadcaster and works for the BBC as a match summariser for both TV and radio. Alan is the author of 'Confessions of a Football Reporter'.

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