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Liverpool George Sephton


When I used to stand on the Kop.

On the 4th of May 1965 ; 3 days after we won the FA Cup for the first time Liverpool were at home to Inter Milan in the European Cup Semi-Final. I was standing right behind the wall at the front of the Kop when Gerry Byrne and Gordon Milne paraded the FA Cup around the ground. Gordon was injured BEFORE the Cup Final and Gerry famously broke his collar bone DURING the final but played on until the end of extra time.

Liverpool won the game 3-1. A great night.


My First game as Stadium Announcer

14th of August 1971. I was PETRIFIED. Very tempted to turn round and go home before the game but I would never have lived it down

A young lad from Doncaster made his debut that day ! Kevin Keegan !


Everyone’s favourite.

The St. Etienne game in 1977 on our way to winning the European Cup for the first time. We were apparently down and out until David Fairclough came on and won the tie for us. My biggest problem that night was getting to my car parking space through the crowds around the Stadium !!

For a few minutes I thought I wasn’t going to get there in time !!!


Champions League 2005

In the Olympiakos game at Anfield in 2005 we looked to be on the way out until Stevie G scored ! People tell me I sounded almost hysterical when I announced his goal !!! No wonder ! We were on the brink of great things and I thought we’d thrown it away !


The Chelsea Semi-Final in the Champions League – 2005.

Nil-nil from the first leg. Luis Garcia scored and our goal led a charmed life. After ninety minutes the fourth official held up the board which said there would be SIX MINUTES added time. I was speechless ! I had to do a double take before I announced it ! To this day I can still see Rafa’s face – he was in shock !! That was the longest six minutes EVER and then the crowd broke into the best ever rendition of “You’ll Never Walk Alone!”


My 40th Anniversary

August 13th 2011 . At half time during the Sunderland game our MD Ian Ayre presented me with a silver salver to mark my 40 years as Stadium Announcer.

Proud doesn’t come close ! Standing on the hallowed turf was awesome.


George has been the matchday stadium announcer at Anfield since 1971

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