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Bolton Wanderers Jeff Smith

My best memory from football was when I finally achieved my dream & played in the Premier League.

I was on the bench a couple of times but never made it onto the pitch until the last game of the season, West Ham away in front of 37,000 fans. There was 30 minutes left on the clock when Sam Allardyce said 'get stripped, I'm putting you on', my stomach just dropped & my nerves went through the roof!! I got stripped & stood on the touch line waiting for the ball to go out of play so I could come on. I was that nervous & excited I couldn't hear the crowd, I just went numb!!! There was a break in the play & then my number went up '32', I was on... It was the best feeling I've ever had running across the pitch to take up my position knowing 37,000 people are watching me & I have achieved my dream of playing in the biggest & best league in the world.


Jeff signed for Bolton Wanderers in 2001 and made his Premier League debut on Saturday 11th May 2002. In 2004 he signed for Port Vale where he made 88 League appearances, he has also played for Carlisle, Darlington and Olympic Charleroi. He now plays for Celtic Nation.

Follow Jeff on Twitter @JeffSmudger32


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