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Hull City Ian Ashbee

My memory is one that you can only dream when you're a boy, walking the steps of Wembley to lift the play off final trophy for a club that I had played for, for 9 and a half years, and had become embedded within my blood stream.

I played a majority of my football in the lower leagues training and striving everyday to get that one chance to play in the highest tier of English football. The day had come we played Bristol City in the Final, we won 1 nil. Dean Windass had scored a wonder goal, which he still reminds me about on a weekly basis.

Final whistle had come, the realisation a boyhood dream was about to come true. In front of 45,000 Tiger fans, of whom I'd probably met half living in the area. I was on my way up the steps to lift the Trophy, a lad from Birmingham, had a Career threatening injury a year before, not the most gifted of footballers, but for sure made up for it in other areas, on his way to complete what only a very few have achieved. I stood there trophy aloft, feeling incredibly privileged, that I was the one lucky enough to do this. No one can ever take this achievement away from me, the only captain of Hull city to captain them in all divisions and I was part of a team that gave the Tiger nation Premier league status.

I am proud and humbled that I achieved this accolade and will never forget who helped me achieve this along the way.


Ian signed for Hull City in 2002 and played in all four divisions for the club and lead the side into the top flight for the first time in their history.

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Great to read! Will never forget what you did for us Ash! Wish we could always have you captaining our side!

– Lauren, June 25 2013 at 18:28

An amazing day for all fans, as a child I stood with my dad on terraces at boothferry park, we agreed the first time we'd go to wembley would be if the tigers played there, I went to wembley with my 3 children sadly my dad passed away before his dream came true. Thank you ash and all the team for making my dream come true and sharing it with my children

– Kerry shaw, October 1 2013 at 22:18

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