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In the 1960s after the Leeds United home games at Elland Road I would hang around and try to get player autographs.

A good signer was Jack Charlton, who (I think) used to go to the local pub after the match for a pint then return to his car at the ground, and he would always sign our books (unlike some of the other players). After one game an 'old' guy came out of the back of the stand and signed my (homemade) book. I didn't actually know who he was but I was too polite to say so.

Years later I looked at my old autograph book and realised I'd got Billy Liddell's signature. I now work in Liverpool and understand what a legend Liddell was in his day - I wish I'd known that on the day I got his signature.

David Fleming

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I remember dad taking us to a Paul Madeley testimonial match against (I think!) Republic Of Ireland. We stayed behind to get autographs and the only person who didn't sign was Paul Madeley!

– Chris Jameson, February 7 2013 at 20:03

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