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Bert Slater, the star of the 1964 Scottish Cup final, despite ending up on the losing side © The Herald

J. David Simons

Bert Slater's heroics in the 1964 Scottish Cup final captured the heart of David Simons - and made him a Dundee fan for life

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proof that claudio caniggia really did play for dundee

Alan Pattullo, The Scotsman

Alan Pattullo recalls watching Claudio Caniggia on a smuggled television at school, and then following his career all the way to his team, Dundee, by which time he has a chance to interview the great man - if he can catch him

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Patrick Barclay, chief football writer, The Times

The Dundee team that reached the semi-final of the European Cup stole the hearts of most who saw them. Patrick Barclay also lost the banner he took to Dens Park when his team, inspired by the great Alan Gilzean, crushed Cologne 8-1

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