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David Gibbons

Went to watch my first "proper" match with my Dad, Uncle Arthur and Uncle Jack. Oldham V Crewe April 1951, just before my fourth birthday. I remember it because we went from Newton Heath, Manchester on a brown and white Oldham bus towards some mountains (The Pennines). we sat in the Main Stand. Crewe were in red and white and Captained by Tony Waddington who I knew as Uncle Tony. Crewe won 2-0. I went to many more matches at Latics and recall Bobby Johnson, Jimmy McIlroy, Jim Fryatt, Andy Ritchie and many more turning out in their colours, be it blue and white or tangerine. When I grew up and thought about the game with Crewe I wondered what we were doing in the Main Stand as we didn't have 2 hapence for a penny. I realised after all these years that Uncle Tony would have got us complimentary tickets. I've not been for a few years now as I went to be excited and entertained but that seems to have virtually disappeared.

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